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Perfect Kitchens and Baths: The Secret is in the Process

What is the perfect kitchen or bath? There is no one answer. Kitchens and Baths are part of your personal space so what is perfect for you is not for your neighbor. Kitchens and Baths need to function “perfectly” for you. So how is this accomplished?

The 7 Steps:

1. Designing kitchens and baths involves you talking and the designer listening and asking questions
2. Determine your budget.  You deserve choices and an experienced design team should offer you at least 3 budget choices.
3. Kitchens and baths come in many styles, colors and textures. What do you like? Bring pictures.
4. Only after the designer understands your habits, needs, wants and budget should you then look at the options for kitchens and baths.
5. Options for kitchens and baths include cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, countertop materials, appliances and hardware. There are so many options for kitchens and baths that you need a knowledgeable designer to help you narrow and focus your search.
6. If you have not decided on your wow factor, now is the time. All kitchens and baths can have one. Again an experienced designer can help you achieve your wow on your budget.
7. Now it is time to talk installation. Scheduling for kitchens and baths can be a nightmare. It takes knowledge and time. You can do it, but experience is a plus. Do you have experience in remodeling or the time to learn? Your contractor can do it, but that will cost more and who will ensure they are doing their job of installing your room perfectly. An experienced designer can help.


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