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The Dreaded Kitchen Remodel:

You can Survive and even Thrive!

Kitchen remodels can be scary

• The time
• The money
• The mess

This free roadmap will include:

1. What you can do before the remodel
2. How to build a reasonable budget
3. What are the remodel steps
4. If you need and want help, where do you get it?
5. What to expect during the remodel.
6. After it is done, how can you tell it was done right?

This roadmap also includes:

1. A kitchen planner questionnaire
2. A guide to measuring your kitchen
3. What to consider to get your ideal kitchen
4. A budget worksheet






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Kitchens & Baths Require Specialized Knowledge

To design kitchens & baths requires time. This means that designers need to be seasoned in order to understand kitchens & baths, what works and what doesn’t work.
By definition, custom kitchens & baths are exceptional. There are unique challenges in the design and then in the remodeling. To handle these challenges in kitchens & baths requires years of doing them. Knowing what has worked in the past for kitchens & baths means that you will more likely get a wonderfully functioning kitchen or bath. Knowing where issues were experienced during past remodeling of kitchens & baths means that they can be avoided more easily on your project.
Trained designers of kitchens & baths certified by the National Kitchen and Bath Association are required to have a minimum of 2 years experience in kitchens & baths, take multiple focused courses on kitchens & baths as well as pass a certification test. This is just the first step, further certifications in designing kitchens & baths require more experience, more courses and more tests.
Kitchens & baths require a serious investment in terms of time and money; wouldn’t you feel more comfortable with an experienced kitchen and bath designer working on your projects?


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