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Adopted by the Meade family in 2011 at 8 weeks old, Maggie spent her formative months learning to greet clients, the mailman, UPS and neighbors. Maggie is shy so she will say hi to everyone with a nervous wag and slow approach, unless she is woken up and then the only recourse is a loud bark. She takes her duties seriously which is why at times she needs days off at home to sleep all day.

Fast Facts:

  • Kitchen: place to eat people food (preferred) or dog food if necessary.
  • Bathroom: place to drink from toilet if someone leaves the seat up.
  • Breed: mutt, mix of Catahoula Leopard Dog (state dog of Louisiana, who knew), black Labrador and Wheaten Terrier.
  • Favorite Toy: Wuba Bubba. Loves squeakers and feels it is her mission to remove every squeaker from every toy on earth.

Title: Teknika’s Best Dog

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