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Bathroom Remodeling Philadelphia


Bathroom Remodel Philadelphia

Philadelphia bathroom remodeling done right and on time

Philadelphia bathroom remodeling can be very challenging, especially when you have little to no expereience in bathroom remodeling in Philadelphia.  There needs to be great design and Philadelphia bathroom remodeling needs to be completed by skilled, knowledgeable contractors. When considering a Philadelphia bathroom remodeling project, there are many other elements that need to be considered. From the initial design consultation until the last piece of tile is installed, Teknika Design Group is your full service design firm to assist with it all.

What's steps are there to completing a Philadelphia bathroom remodeling?

  • take photos of the existing bathroom
  • make a list of the good, bad and ugly
  • look through magazines and begin a folio of spaces you like
  • schedule an appointment with a Teknika Design Group designer
  • develop and fine tune your ideas into the perfect vision of what you want the space to be
  • hire a skilled contractor to complete the vision

A Philadelphia bathroom remodeling project can be as simple as updating fixtures, tile and finishes or be as complex as the space will allow. Whatever you decide to do your Teknika Design Group designer will help you find the perfect fixtures for your new bathroom. Most bathrooms in Philadelphia are small. They are proportionate to the size of the home and in the case of some very old homes, have been added on to the existing structure. This can pose a challenge in the overall Philadelphia bathroom remodeling project. Often times, there are structural issues that require attention once construction begins. Hiring a skilled, reliable contractor will address any and all these issues. 

After all the effort you put into your Philadelphia bathroom remodeling project, the result should be a wonderful space that enhances the lives of your family.  You should smile every time you walk into your new bathroom after you go through your Philadelphia remodeling project.  You will if you use experienced designers and contractors.  


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