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Teknika Design Group offers only kitchen and bath products that provide the highest levels of quality and companies that provide our customers with superior customer service. These products have stood the test of time.



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You Deserve Value


A kitchen or bath renovation project is expensive.  Why should you pay anything other than the lowest price possible?  The main reason is that the lowest price means you are getting the lowest quality or the lowest level of service, possibly both.  This can be an issue with a renovation since parts of the renovation (wiring, plumbing etc.) you will never see unless there is a problem.  You want products and contractors who know what they are doing and do it well.  You deserve value, that the price you pay is worth what you get in return.  How can you be sure this happens?

  • Hire a reputable firm that offers to let you speak to previous clients.
  • Be wary of really low pricing since that means the product or service is lacking.
  • When getting recommendations from professionals make sure they have worked with those they recommend for a long length of time.
  • Be careful of purchasing products on line.  Often prices are lower since the business has no overhead, but this can also mean that there is no service in terms of returns on defective merchandise.  Check their return policy.
  • Get all guarantees in writing, the same thing with contracts.

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