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Teknika Design Group also provides our expertise on project management for any remodeling job where we provide the products. This involves insuring that everyone involved in your rennovation always has the latest and all information about your project. This service cuts down on project delays and costly mistakes. This service includes:

Initial meeting with the contractors on site with plans to discuss the overall project scope

Provide the contractor with final installation plans that include cabinet, plumbing and electrical layouts

Provide contractor, suppliers and client with a detailed schedule

Communicate with contractor and homeowner to update and revise schedule as needed.

Coordinate with contractor and suppliers to insure timely delivery

Insure that all elements are as the homeowner wants, including but not limited to height and design of tile backsplashes, location of outlets, style of light switches, etc.

Create final punch list

Act as a liaison between homeowner and contractor if problems/issues arise

Continually monitor progress to insure the project moves along as smoothly and expeditiously as possible

Provide clear estimates and change orders including revised estimates as needed.

The cost for this service is 20% of the installation cost.

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