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Remodeling Does Not Have to Be Painful

You are worried about remodeling, the dust, the contractors that do not show up, the chaos, the changing schedule, and the people wondering in and out of your home. Remodeling does not have to be that way.

So how do you change your remodeling experience? There are a number of things you can do before you remodel to avoid remodeling chaos.
Make sure when you first start thinking about your remodeling project you think about timing. Do you have school breaks you want to avoid? Do you want to be home or on vacation for the most dust producing part of the remodeling?
Think about having a 3rd person manage your remodeling project. You probably do not have the experience or the time to be on site regularly or know the details of plumbing to effectively manage the project. Your contractor should be concentrating on accomplishing his duties and not worrying about what happened to the accent tile. You need one person everyone can call with questions, who can then answer those questions. Often in a remodeling project, if your designer is experienced they can act as the project manager.
Remodeling is a good opportunity to clean out your cabinets. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or bath, start packing up weeks before so you are not in a last minute panic.
Make sure to start your remodeling preparation weeks before the project starts. If your remodeling involves your kitchen start collecting coupons for restaurants or take out. Figure out how you are going to cook (or not) and wash up. If it is your bathroom being remodeled, make sure to gather up hairdryers, extra toothpaste etc. and put them in the bath you plan to use during the remodeling project.
The more preparation you do before you start your remodeling project the more organized it will be.


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