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Step 4: Budget Review Discussion

Your designer will have prepared your bronze/silver/gold/platinum budget options for you by category. These categories include:

›  Cabinetry
Appliances (kitchen only)
Backsplash (kitchen only)

You will then choose which group (bronze/silver/gold/patinum) you want to be in. By the end of this meeting you will have developed you preliminary budget.

In addition to the budget you will also be able to see a preliminary perspective of your space based on discussions you have had with your Teknika designer. This perspective is provided so you can start envisioning what your space will look like at the end of this process.

This meeting should take approximately 1 hour.

The next step is to develop a custom design and associated estimate. This step will take your Teknika designer between 8 and 10 hours. To start this step requires a design retainer of $1,500 which will be applied to your purchase. If you choose to not make a purchase from Teknika after designs have been done, Teknika will keep the retainer to cover work done.  Please be aware that in order to keep our prices as low as possible, Teknika only accepts checks or cash.


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