Residential Kitchens, Baths and Custom Cabinetry
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    “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

    — Aristotle

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225 Race St, Phila PA 19106

The first two questions we usually get from new clients looking to do a kitchen project or remodeling in Philadelphia is “How much is this going to cost?” and sometimes “How much should this cost?” At Teknika Design Group we start with the second question. Why, because that is what determines if you will: [read more]

Many kitchen and bath dealers in Philadelphia claim to have custom cabinets. To determine if that is true, let me explain the different classifications of custom cabinets in Philadelphia.

There are 3 types of cabinets that cover any type of cabinet you can buy in Philadelphia. Some are considered custom cabinets and some are not. The cabinet types are usually called stock, semi-custom and custom. The differences are in how they are made, the level of customization available and often the quality. [read more]

So what can we expect for Philadelphia kitchen designs in the next five years or so? This is important since we don’t want to spend all that money to find out in five years the kitchen design is dated. If my crystal ball is up to snuff this is what I will be seeing at Teknika Design Group for the next five years or so at . So here are my best guesses for the coming years. [read more]

In Philadelphia our bathrooms are usually small, sometimes miniscule, so what do you do to get your best bathroom design in Philadelphia? Do you need to hire a designer? As you can guess, my answer is yes and I can give you 6 reasons why I think it is in your best interest to hire a designer even for the little bathroom projects. [read more]

Philadelphia a new kitchen

Transforming Philadelphia a new kitchen for decades

Philadelphia a new kitchen is a melding of old and new. Philadelphia a new kitchen can be a blend of characteristics never taking on one particular style or theme. Teknika Design Group takes pride in developing the Philadelphia kitchen that represents each individual client’s needs and desires. [read more]

Philadelphia bathroom cabinetry

Philadelphia bathroom cabinetry custom made for you!

Philadelphia bathroom cabinetry can be very simplistic or highly detailed. Philadelphia bathroom cabinetry is designed and built to meet the specialty storage needs of our clients. A space with Philadelphia bathroom cabinetry can be a created to meet a variety of styles and tastes. Philadelphia bathroom cabinetry can appear as a unique piece of furniture instead of a row of boxes installed in a space.
[read more]

Philadelphia bathroom and kitchens

Philadelphia bathroom and kitchens specially crafted for our clients

To create Philadelphia bathroom and kitchens, it requires a trained design professional. Design professionals who specialize in Philadelphia bathroom and kitchens have been trained to turn your dreams into reality. A Teknika Design Group designer can walk you through every step needed to create Philadelphia bathroom and kitchens. There are many products and specifications that go into a bathroom and kitchen. Having an experienced professional to assist with all of this will make the overall process a more pleasant experience.

[read more]

Philadelphia bath and kitchen

Philadelphia bath and kitchen: your dream, our experience!

A Philadelphia bath and kitchen can encompass a variety of elements. A Philadelphia bath and kitchen can be traditional, contemporary or transitional. There are several factors that will determined your Philadelphia bath and kitchen. Your own personal style will determine your Philadelphia bath and kitchen will be. The neighborhood you live in can determine the style of your Philadelphia bath and kitchen. Your experiences can also determine your Philadelphia bath and kitchen. Whatever the guiding force to your Philadelphia bath and kitchen, Teknika Design Group can lead the way.
[read more]

Philadelphia cabinets

Philadelphia cabinets are classics!

Philadelphia cabinets are a reflection of the space they occupy as well as the owners who have selected them. Philadelphia cabinets can be found in a variety of styles, woods and finishes.

[read more]

Philadelphia bathroom cabinets

Philadelphia bathroom cabinets storage at its maximum

Philadelphia bathroom cabinets need to maximize the space that they are installed in. Philadelphia bathroom cabinets should have their own unique style and theme. Philadelphia bathroom cabinets are typically smaller than those found in larger, suburban homes which means storage is the most critical factor. When working with a designer, you should discuss who will be using the cabinets. A Teknika Design Group designer will ask you many questions when developing the layout of your Philadelphia bathroom cabinets. It’s important to know who the end user will be.
[read more]

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